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Noirdebois, French manufacturer of burnt wood and authentic cladding

For 10 years, Noirdebois has been bringing its expertise and know-how to builders and contractors (architects, builders, carpenters, etc.) for construction and renovation projects with burnt wood, natural wood and Swedish paint cladding. With a growing range of new finishes for untreated wood, Noirdebois can adapt to a wide variety of projects.

Our interior and exterior ranges

Noirdebois products can be used for facades, interiors and landscaping. We can also help you with your custom projects.

Ancestral wood-burning technique

Wood burning, an ancestral technique

Durability and resistance
to the elements

Noirdebois burnt wood is a magnificent wood made using only heat. Its virtues are undeniable: once the board is burned, the carbon layer created protects the wood fiber from attack by fungi or insects. The cladding board is more resistant and more durable over time.

Use for all types of fittings

Burnt wood is used both indoors and outdoors for cladding and decking.

An ancestral Japanese know-how also known as Shou Sugi Ban

Noirdebois burnt wood is linked to the Wabi-sabi aesthetic. This spirit is based on authenticity, the patina of time and simplicity implemented by raw, imperfect, recycled or rustic materials. “Wabi” is about simplicity and “sabi” refers to the beauty created by the passage of time. So Noirdebois burnt-wood planks will age beautifully. They bear witness to the passing of time, a way of keeping in touch with the cycle of nature.

Discover NoirdeBois

New for 2023


Discover our Naturabois range, natural wood cladding with a long-lasting ecological finish, combining traceability and authenticity.


Swedish painting
Noirdebois is the story of men and women who love wood and its authenticity, and who do their utmost to offer the best solutions in burnt wood.

Noirdebois’ latest creations

Homes, offices, community facilities, extensions, terraces – architects have created the most astonishing projects using our products! Get inspired by Noirdebois references.

Swedish House
26 July 2023

Swedish House

The Girondine house
26 July 2023

The Girondine house

The Irish house
26 July 2023

The Irish house

Pornichet’s cinema
26 July 2023

Pornichet’s cinema


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