The Irish house

Noirdebois en Irlande ! Très fier d’avoir fourni les lames en bois brûlé pour la réalisation d’une superbe résidence en Irlande.

Create a house in black wood, add a few details in a burnt wood finish inside the fireplace or on the terrace… Burnt wood offers a multitude of possibilities, from the most radical change to the most subtle touch.

Noirdebois is committed to bringing all your projects to fruition within its technical possibilities. We also provide you with all our advice for successfully installing your black wood paneling or cladding.


WHERE: Rathfeigh, County Meath, IRELAND
ARCHITECT: Wain Morehead Architects Ltd
RENDER: Noirdelune & Noirdebrun
ESSENCE: Douglas
DATE: 2017

Maison bois brûlé
Bardage bois brûlé
Essence bois brûlé
Bardage bois brûlé noir

Photo credits:Noirdebois

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