Douglas Noirdenoir brut

Burnt in its purest state.
Magnified by its pronounced veins, raw Douglas Blackdenoir is a living rendering that ages beautifully over the years.

  • Product description

    TECHNIQUE: Raw burnt
    ESSENCE: Douglas Fir
    CLASS OF USE: Class 3 (not in contact with the ground)
    WOOD ORIGIN: France
    PRESENCE OF CHIPS: Variable shapes and sizes

  • Mise en oeuvre et entretien
    Implementation :

    INSTALLATION: In accordance with dtu 41.2 “Exterior wood cladding”.
    FIRE REACTION: SBI – M2 test (depending on profile)

    Maintenance :

    Your choice
    EXSUDATION: Douglas fir, a softwood, can exude resin under the effect of the sun during the first few years. This is a natural phenomenon.